ya veo

ya veo translates to i see, i understand.

ya veo consists of my celestial observations made through digital and technological processes. the work is presented according to how i see and understand the cosmos.

2017: marcus zúñiga: ya veo - no land art space - santa fe, nm
2016: long echo - center for contemporary arts - santa fe, nm; currents new media festival - site santa fe - santa fe, nm; cabin fever - caldera gallery - santa fe, nm


ya veo. i see. visions developed. interpreting perceptions and conscience. mirar algo. formed by stellar fusion. foreshadowing thats forged with breath. orbes. sounds find prevalence in rest. like the identity of celestial descendants.

to comprehend their composition. patterns and icons. a flood of light / cosmic designs.

recordings of time. bonds throughout the universe. en soledad veo la verdad. meditate / practice / experience.

tonalli, teyolía, ihiyotl
ya veo