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From a young age, the cosmos intrigued me. Growing up under the open New Mexico skies seeded this passion. I am endlessly fascinated by the paradoxical qualities of visual simplicity (simple white dots against a dark sky) and of the universe’s underlying complexity. I experiment with incorporating imagery of the cosmos alongside studies in astronomy. My investigation into this subject is at the heart of my work as an artist. Materially, I work with technological tools similar to those that actual astronomers use in their scientific research. Specifically, I have been working with an amateur-grade Celestron PowerSeeker 60AZ Telescope. Through this telescope I observe the planets, the moon, the sun and the stars and I record video of their movement across the sky. Over time, I have learned the limitations of this particular telescope, and as part of my artistic project I push these very same limits as a performance of the technology. Within my works are installations using projections, LCD monitors, and sculptures embedded with electronics and LEDs. Among my interests in the installation of these works is the use of projectors and electronics that reproduce light from the recording video of starlight. I use a combination of digital and analog technologies, incorporating Processing code and animation to create videos with cosmological imagery in addition to those created by looking through the telescope. When editing, I use multiple video layers to engage the act of seeing.

I am interested in how the act of seeing and interpreting the universe has change over time and been visualized by different cultures. In my work, I share my interpretation of the universe as it is informed from my Mexican heritage. I intend for my artistic project to address the solidarity of the universe’s context in western astronomy. The embracing of other culture’s interpretation of the universe is necessary to the role it will have for their cultural identity in the future. The universe has no true name or context. It belongs to no single idea or person. 


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