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At the moment I arrived, I began to situate myself in alignment to el movimento del sol.
I face south, sur. This direction is where the earth tilts its Antarctic continent toward the sun. South is of my partial origin. The yucca centers this orientation and movement through its symbolic burst of material emanating from a single point. The ash is black from a brush burning. I scatter it to create a barrier which echoes the broken circle of La Lechusa Tank sitting east of me. La Lechuza of Tejano mythology flies through the sky as an owl and walks the earth as a witch. In my site of earth and sky, I evoke an ancient energy that magnifies the spacetime I exist in within. The guardian mountains are surrounding my circle on all sides.

I know I am here in this moment, marking the solar noon at which the south extends its farthest reach out to the light of the sun and the next cycle has been activated. 

solstice, dec21, la lechusa tank (within alignment, we feel where we are), 2018, earth and found ash from the eastern llano of Tomé, New Mexico