the relationship formed by the earth and sky is central to how navigate our existence. omeyocan is the highest of the thirteen layers which constitute the aztec sky. i place this layered sky with the poetry that voyager revealed as she exited our solar system and pointed her camera back at earth. from this we saw the dimming light emanating from the pale blue dot that holds everything we’ve ever known.

2018: represent - armory center for the arts - pasadena, ca

i’ve seen this space before. i remember the silence and the solitude. a place of pure freedom. it is home.

the layers which constitute el cielo are divided into thirteen subjects some of which coexist in blended spaces. la luna, las estrellas y el sol exist as one during the solar eclipse. the evening star in the lens of telescopic perspective soars across the field of empty space in the sky, appearing in small durations that model la velocidad de los cometas. la salida del sol revela la cara del sol as what was once a black sky converts into un espacio azul. the weather y el viento coat the celestial layer of the fifth sun to await the prophesied earthquake that will reset the world and shift us into the next chapter of universal consciousness. it is the accumulation of light and spacetime that forms the duality of the universe’s origin. 

with the birth of light comes the fall of shadow. 

when reduced to an essence, no hay singularidad in this universe and sky, instead it is a binary. no individual is comprised of a single narrative. our narratives attribute toward the conditions of our perception. to arrive at a total understanding of how we see, we must acknowledge all ancestral lineages of our narrative. veo el cielo por culpa de la nasa y los aztecas. they inform my conception of the universe, as we collectively write the next chapter in this ancient tradition of looking at the sky.